The Village Pub

November 5, 2011 in Food

Finally took advantage of our surroundings and headed for a fantastic meal at The Village Pub on a Monday night. Despite being an unpopular night for dining the place was packed.

This restaurant is designed with 2 clients in mind – those who love a gourmet fine dining experience and those who love some damn good pub food. The restaurant has consistently produced exceptional cuisine and ambiance and has been awarded a Michelin star for the last 4  years as a result. The menu benefits from local produce that chef Mark Sullivan helps cultivate at a ranch in Woodside called SMIP Ranch. This is a bonus for those who like the idea of eating locally.

The food, as expected, was phenomenal as was the service. We preferred cocktails over wine – somewhat overwhelmed by the 100+ page wine book and the accompanying prices. The cocktails were intriguing. Old Sage – my favorite, East Side – very refreshing, Berry Bramble – delicious but very fruity, obviously. Partial to gin martinis we were please at the offering of Old Raj gin which is otherwise difficult to find.

I won’t get too detailed on the food but a plug should be made for Vegetarians as the vegetable tasting menus was reasonably priced – 52$ for 4 courses – and delicious.  They are happy substituting anything else on the menu if you desire.

Overall an exceptional experience. My only critiques is related to the clientele. The place was filled with very stuffy, older diners who seemed offended by laughter and celebration. Average age, at least 65.